5 Things To Know This AM — May 24 2012

Fashion Police's George Kotsiopoulos came to Chicago to promote Stuart Weitzman's newest collection, and chat about his midwest upbringing. The real question though, is his about his outfit: Starlet or Streetwalker? (Chi City Fashion)
When a public figure passes on, many Americans (unfortunately) feel the need to tweet/blog/update their Facebook status about it. If you must, make sure you follow these rules. (Redeye Chicago)
Moto is the latest local designer we're going gaga for — check out these handbags from the up-and-coming line. (Chitown Fashionista)
Miss Renaissance shows Glossed & Found how to make a banana nutella pound cake. Cue instant craving. (Glossed & Found)
This stylish local blogger took an enviable trip to Italy, and she's sharing her diving pictures with her lucky readers. (Great Dates in the City)
Photo: Via Chi City Fashion

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