Surprise Your Tastebuds With These Special-Delivery Treats

It's no secret that we love a good epicurean extravaganza, so we relish (har, har) in the fact that Washington has the some of the best dining options around, from unique food trucks to high-end eateries. But, with our hectic lifestyles, not-exactly-9-to-5 work schedules, and inability to spend copious amounts of money on gourmet foods, we don't always get to enjoy the local flavor to the fullest.
Don't despair, fellow gourmands! We can remedy this situation with help from Foodzie, a San Francisco-based company that delivers "tasting boxes" filled with treats from small artisan food companies — think Birchbox for foodies.
For $29.95 a month, you get to choose from three themed offerings; soon after, a box of hand-selected specialty foods (like the amazing Early Bird Granola) gets delivered straight to your front door. You can also skip the monthly fee and just order the boxes that appeal to you, and once you've discovered something you love, you can order more through the Foodzie site. So, now you can sit back, cancel those dinner reservations, and experience some top-notch treats on your time. Bon appétit!

Photo: Via Foodzie

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