The Weird Delia’s Throwback Only Some Of You Will See

embed 1Photo: Via Urban Outfitters.
If the pose at left looks at all familiar to you, we're guessing you're an American female between the ages of 25 and 38. Too easy? Okay, try this: You spent many a mid-'90s afternoon browsing Roxy spaghetti-strap tanks, blue-tinted raver shades, and Dickies pants, possibly while an episode of Singled Out blared in the background. All of this is to say, you were a Delia's catalog subscriber. And, if you were, then chances are the Urban Outfitters model shown here just transported you back to that golden era of ringer tees and ball-chain necklaces with her spot-on impression of a Delia's model.
The arm pose that's both nonchalant yet studied. That pigeon-toed stance. The T-shirt that is rakishly adorable, and conveniently showcases your Stefani-worthy midsection. It's all there, rendered in such perfect, period detail that we can practically hear Idalis and Simon Rex intro "California Love" for the tenth time today.
Click on for one more pose that proves the '90s are back, big time...
jpeg-1 copyPhoto: Via Urban Outfitters.
Yep, the broken-ankle pose is back, too. So, what do you think? Now that Björk buns, lug soles, and every other style statement from our youth has made a comeback, could this be the next level of the '90s revival? Seriously, if this girl's shirt said "Poot!" and those were Bulldog-brand pants with a wallet chain attached, it'd be like 1996 all over again. We hope Jenny McCarthy stays awesome and doesn't become an insane anti-vaxxer or anything.

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