Where TV Stars Would Shop (If They Were Actually From Chicago)

When it comes to seeing the Windy City on the small screen, we love to see how Chicago is reimagined. Anyone who lives here knows we’re so much more than deep-dish pizza and Bears jerseys.
With so many of our new favorite shows take place in Chicago, we can't help but check out if the stars of the shows stack up to our Windy City style. We connected with costume designers Daniel Lawson of the Good Wife, Lori Eskowitz-Carter from Whitney, Keri Smith from Happy Endings, and Lyn Paolo of Shameless to find out what their muses are wearing. Next, we matched them with where we think they’d be shopping if they lived in our ‘hood.

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2 whitney


Comedian Whitney Cummings plays a struggling comedian (by the same name) living with her boyfriend in Chicago. Her wardrobe includes popular name brands like Helmut Lang, Stella McCartney, J Brand jeans, rag & bone, and Fiorentini + Baker. Costume designer Lori Eskowitz-Carter admits she takes some liberties with Whitney’s wardrobe budget for the sake of the show — which makes sense. But we have a hard time believing that any aspiring Second City player is shopping at Neiman Marcus, Roslyn, and Sofia, the chic retail outlets carrying her signature brands.

Photo: Courtesy of NBC


Happy Endings

Penny Hartz is a West Loop girl with a super-sleek loft and a closet full of trendy (and feminine) brand-name threads such as Parker dresses, Vince tops, and Marc Jacobs sweaters. We bet if you can’t reach Penny on a Saturday afternoon, she’s out spending her paycheck at Trillium and Edith Hart — or a local watering hole.

Photo: Courtesy of ABC


Fiona Gallagher counts her pennies. The South Side sweetheart always looks incredible in her Vince and Urban Outfitters apparel. Costume designer Lynn Paolo says that Fiona "definitely shops in consignment stores and sale racks." But when is the last time someone scraped enough pennies together from her couch cushions to afford cashmere? If we met Fiona in real life, we’d introduce her to e-Drop-Off and Akira.

Photo: Courtesy of Showtime

Good Wife

On the Good Wife, Julianna Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, a recently divorced mother of two and a successful, high-powered attorney in downtown Chicago. Costume designer Daniel Lawson imagines that Alicia probably lives with her kids in a Lakeview high-rise, but her style is totally Gold Coast. Think ensemble outfits from designers like Ralph Lauren, Dior, Max Mara, Armani, and L.K. Bennett. Between her high-paying job and her alimony, we would expect to run into Alicia at Ikram or Sarca.

Photo: Courtesy of CBS.

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