Pretty as a Picture: Two Glam Bloggers Show You How to Pose Like a Pro

When someone whips out a camera (or their phone), we're not going to lie — our first thought is panic. Is our hair okay? Is that a piece of lettuce in our teeth or are we just being paranoid? Having on-camera anxiety is totally normal, but it definitely doesn't help you take a great photo. We've already covered the basics of looking good on film, but to get a really glammed-up shot, we went to the pros: The Glamourai's Kelly Framel and Claire Geist of De Lune.
In her latest video for FLIRT! Cosmetics, Kelly interviews Claire and has her expertly break down the photogenic process for all of us non-professionals. The conversation yields lots of great tips, including the key to finding subtle, more diffused light for that ethereal glow (early morning or evening light is best) and straightening up your posture (lift up your spine and tuck your chin slightly under). We love Claire's tips on how to position your arms: either keep your elbows in, or put a hand on your hip (not your waist, which can look too posed).
As for makeup, Claire suggests going natural with even skin, subtly contoured eyes and a rosy cheek or lip. And oh! Armed with all of these tips, we're actually looking forward to our next photo session — good thing, too, because we're booked all summer on the wedding circuit.

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