Born In The U.S.A? Might Be Why You’re Unhappy

So, according to the latest polls, America hasn't been doing so hot lately. A Gallup survey found the United States to be one of the most wildly emotional countries. Now, the Economic Intelligence Unit, in conjunction with The Economist, have compiled a list of the best cities and countries to be born in 2013. While congratulations are in order for Switzerland, which placed first, this amazing nation of ours ranked 16th.
The EIU did some research into how countries would fare in 2030, when babies born next year will reach adulthood. These fortune-tellers then predicted years of wealth and good health in Switzerland's future, an obvious byproduct of all that darn skiing and quality chocolate. It also happens to be a rather stable country with a high "yawn index," now seen as a positive factor. Other extremely responsible and clean places that made the top-10 are Sweden, Norway, and Singapore (No gum-chewing! The secret to success!).

What made the home of the free/brave fall from grace? The United States was once ranked first, in 1988. This time around, the EIU found the United States to be a nation where "babies will inherit the large debts of the boomer generation."
The Economist
also explained that these quality-of-life surveys are heavily, and rather simply, based on a nation's overall happiness level. Well, guess we'll have to open up an R29 Zurich edition.


Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia/The Economist Intelligence Unit.


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