Inside Etsy’s Coolest E-Shops

You've probably heard some talk that
is beginning to give eBay a run for its money. True, indeed. Since its inception, this massive online marketplace has drawn a rep for hosting a plethora of artsy-craftsy doo-dad and DIY vendors. And plenty of these carefully made objects are worth a visit. However, if homespun isn't your thing, there are lots of edgier sellers who've got some pretty enviable collections of vintage clothing, cool accessories, and housewares up for auction. Is the selection as vast as ebay? No, not quite. But is the experience a little sweeter, kind of like you're rolling up to a good friend's stoop sale? Absolutely. In fact, we've found 12 boutiques that are venerable treasure troves of good, affordable finds for your closet and the rest of the house, too!

Vintage Shops
Besides providing tons of on-trend vintage pieces at affordable prices, Oh Leoluca is full of styling ideas for how to wear them.
Shoes, boots, clogs, and wedges! This is the largest and most thorough collection of vintage footwear we've seen on Etsy.
Go to Santoki for summer dresses and beat-up boots. Their $20 sale section is a treasure trove of cheap thrills, too!
Romana stocks re-tailored clothes from the '50s-'80s to guarantee that retro looks have a modern, sexy fit.
If you avoid the super-saccharine pieces, there are tons of gold to be mined from Dear Golden Vintage. Their collection of '50s New Look-style dresses are impressive.
New Clothes and Accessories
Rad custom-made leather belts, bags, and harnesses from Garbage Dress' Zana Bayne. We're hankering for the leather spike bag.
For crazy patterns and jewelry with a sense of humor, we love Norwegian Wood. Check out her full lookbook, too, for a look at what's to come.
For comfy clothes that bite, check out Babooshka Boutique's drop crotch pants, slouchy shirts, and accessories that pull the entire look together.
Our obsession with rope jewelry will never die. Here's an affordable and insanely cute option to get knotty.

Home Goods

This is the best curated collection of things you don't need but look so, so cute you'll find. Hands off that jewelry box though—it's ours!
From vintage cameras for only $30 to antique Bakelite kitchenware, this shop holds a slew of curiosities that won't cost you an arm and leg to indulge in.
Fans of quirky Americana, rejoice! Bluebelle Vintage stocks that finishing touch that will make your house really feel like a home.

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