A Dying Grandpa Orchestrated His Granddaughter's Wedding Proposal

Sit down and grab some tissues — you're going to need them before watching this video.
It features a woman named Sarah's grandfather and grandmother (Pa and Nanna), her favorite people in the world, she told Dancing With Her. A month after Pa was diagnosed with an illness that gave him only three months to live, Sarah asked him to help her with a very special project: proposing to her girlfriend, Megan.
She knew it was unlikely that her grandfather would still be alive to attend her wedding to Megan, who she had started dating about 8 months before, and wanted a way for him to still be part of her marriage.
With her parents help, she made a video of her grandparents talking to Megan, telling her that she has become such an important part of their family and, finally, Pa asking Megan if she would "please consider and agree to marry our granddaughter? Please, thank you, and I hope you both have a very, very happy life together."
Sarah surprised Megan with the video when they took a trip to the beach. She brought along a laptop with the video on it, "for music," and hid a ring in the sleeve of her dress. Obviously, Megan said yes.
Soon after the proposal, Sarah and Megan went home to celebrate with Dom Pérignon and their friends and family, including Nanna and Pa, of course.
Pa has since passed away, but Sarah and Megan told Dancing With Her that he will be in their hearts when they get married on October 7 of this year.
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