Is Your Name A Trendsetter — Or Behind The Times?

Photo: Getty Images.
These days, babies are named after all kinds of things — Downton Abbey characters or Instagram filters, you name it. But back before there was Reyes, Lo-Fi, or Matthew Crawley, there were the baby-name trends of the '80s and '90s, when we were born. Were we the Ludwig or Kelvin of our time, or were our parents already behind the trends? That’s a question Time’s new baby-name popularity generator is here to answer. Simply enter your name, gender, and birth year, and see if your name was rising or falling in popularity when you were born. In other words, you can find out if you were an unbeknownst baby trendsetter — or simply following the crowd. For example, women born in 1990 named Emma were ahead of their time; that name didn't peak in popularity until 2003. But any Rebeccas born that year came after the name peaked, back in 1974. If your name is rare enough, the generator will declare you a “snowflake,” with a name that never peaks in popularity. (Shoutout to all my fellow female Marshalls out there, wherever you are.) Curious to find out how your name fares? Check out the generator over on Time’s website.

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