Mango Is Making Fast Fashion Even Faster

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images.
How fast can fast fashion get? Spanish retailer Mango wants to make things even quicker (and keep up with the competition). It will start shipping new collections every two weeks, starting in February 2016, when its spring collection launches. Currently, the retailer already has the capability to plop new merch on the racks every couple of weeks, but it doesn't always do so, and it definitely doesn't do so all year round, according to WWD. "Speed and immediacy will be the key factors of this new strategy," a representative for the brand told WWD. "Mango teams are focusing their efforts on getting the right products into the stores at the right time." The brand's delivery and logistics capacities haven't been holding it back from a quicker production schedule, according to the representative; rather, the brand will be changing how it coordinates between various teams. Mango will also now launch a new ad campaign each month, to keep customers clued in about all that new garb on the shelves. But, as a result of that shorter production schedule, the brand has decided to discontinue the catalog it has been doling out to a whopping 22 million customers annually, according to WWD. This swifter production schedule will bring Mango up to speed with competitors that include Zara (bred on Mango's home turf) and H&M, which already have been rolling out new items in as few as 14 days. However, these retailers aren't necessarily doing so all of the time, so for the most restless and attention-challenged of shoppers out there, Mango's commitment to a revved-up pace could trump the competition.

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