Shop At Nordstrom? We Can Guess How You Vote

Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew.
We all know that if you shop at American Apparel, chances are you enjoy circle skirts and/or gold lamé. But, did you know that living near an AA store is a reliable indicator that you and your neighbors vote Democrat?
Time conducted a comprehensive study on the political leaning of neighborhoods where all different kinds of stores reside. And, it turns out, we can more or less pinpoint how red or blue your district is just by taking note of what shops line your main street (or, glut your exurban shopping malls).
Time compared store locations with Census records of their corresponding Congressional districts, giving us essential information like Nordstrom or J.Crew shops are more likely to reside in Democratic districts. Shopping at Dillard's or Old Navy? You're in red country, my friend.
Find out how other brands lean here. (In case you were wondering, Starbucks, like Switzerland, is neutral). (Time)

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