Astrologica: Mercury Madness!

What does this week's Mercury retrograde mean for you? Find out in the latest installment of <em>Astrologica</em>.

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Bad news, stargazers. Mercury, that ever-troublesome messenger, is going retrograde at the end of this week. In a physical sense, this means the mischievous little planet will pass Earth in its journey around the sun, making it appear to be moving backwards (hence the "retro" thing). What does this mean for your horoscope? Mercury in retrograde signals a period of pretty much everything in your world going just a little bit wrong. From communication to technology to transportation, expect all the areas of everyday life that fall under Mercury's purview to cause some drama until July 1.
How to deal with Mercury madness? Don't fret — the Astrotwins are here to make the transition at least a little bit smoother. In this week's installment of Astrologica, Tali and Ophira lay out exactly what to expect from this cosmic shift. Watch the episode above for tips on minimizing your Mercury misery.
AstroTwins Horoscope Video Mercury Retrograde JuneReleased on June 2, 2014

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