With Sumry, Your Résumé Just Got Awesome

resumeslidePhoto: Courtesy of Sumry.
Updating your résumé might just be the most tedious task of your professional life. Can you, as a human being who has probably accomplished a lot, fit on a single sheet of paper? Of course not. Enter new résumé-building site Sumry, which allows you to create a dynamic, interactive summary of your experience, accomplishments, and strengths. The end result is an infographic-y presentation of all that's great about you as an employee — and it doesn't require a single minute of brain-numbing formatting in Microsoft Word.
The process is pretty simple: You enter all the pertinent details about yourself; then drag-and-drop into a format that showcases your strongest features. Once you're done, you can customize your Sumry for viewing on a computer or mobile device and easily share the link. For the analog types, you can create a PDF to email or print out a paper version if you want to bring it along on an interview. The best part? It's free. That's right — you can create a legitimately cool and useful résumé, share it easily, and not pay a dime. So, if you're hunting for a new gig right now — or just overdue for a résumé revamp — hop over to Sumry and give it a spin. Who knows? You might just score your dream job. (StyleCaster)

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