Legendary Locks? Introducing The Hair-Vitamin Cocktail

The jury's still out as to whether or not supplements can truly make a difference in hair growth — but R29 buddy Amber Katz recently admitted to The Cut that the health of her locks is due to a certain vitamin cocktail of biotin, folic acid, and Viviscal. Not only does this cocktail help the hair on her head grow "longer, thicker, and glossier," Katz also claims that the combo makes her eyebrows and body hair grow faster, too.
Katz claims that the combination of the three supplements works together to create the hair-growth magic: Viviscal increases Katz's hair growth, biotin makes it bouncy, and the folic acid supports the body's metabolism of the biotin. Dr. Dennis Gross, one of Katz's sources, explains that biotin (which is found in foods such as nuts, eggs, and leafy greens) is only effective as a supplement if the patient is deficient in the nutrient, but nonetheless, Katz's first-hand account is making us re-think the whole swallowing-pills-in-the-name-of-beauty thing.
Another possible key to Katz's supplement success? She switches out her pills — alternating her normal combo with other vitamins such as Keratin Booster, MD Nutri Hair, or Phyto’s Phytophanère every few weeks, to make sure her system doesn't build up immunity to the nutrients. We suppose that the only way to find out if this cocktail works is to try it yourself but, obligatory warning time: Check with your physician before taking any supplements to avoid unwanted side effects. (The Cut)
pillsPhoto: Via The Cut.

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