Obama Jokes About Smoking, Internet Freaks Out

couplePhoto: Via @BarackObama.
Surprise: A lot of people love to hate Barack and Michelle Obama. People on the Internet seem to take great joy in twisting their every word into damning statements revealing their various shortcomings. So naturally, when President Obama recently made a harmless joke, saying the reason he finally quit smoking was "because I'm scared of my wife," freakouts ensued.

Politico responded, "No one is exempt from first lady Michelle Obama’s health initiatives — especially not her husband." Meanwhile,
People wrote
: "He's the leader of the Free World and seemingly fearless in the face of peril. Yet much like millions of other men around the world, there is one thing President Barack Obama admits terrifies him: his wife's wrath." And The Hill said Obama was "caught" uttering the comment, as if it were some deep, dark secret — and not just a lighthearted joke (as the President has been often known to make).

But because people love to talk about how Michelle Obama is not just an accessory but an actual human with thoughts a totally overbearing woman whose muscular arms are indicative of her manly authority, it seems appropriate to point out that this is not an example of manhood being weakened by terrible feminists. Nor is Michelle Obama some kind of Nurse Ratched. She cares about her husband, is knowledgeable about health, and therefore, like any reasonable person, would like him to kick the habit. Perhaps they've even fought about it a few times. This is what human couples do. And that's all that's happening here. It's not like the POTUS is quivering in a corner while Michelle spanks him with a specially ordered leather paddle. (Or is she? Gasp!)(The Guardian)

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