Pay-What-You-Wish Restos Are A Thing, Now. But Is That A Good Thing?

We’ve all been in the situation where what we’ve eaten or drunk was by no means worth what we paid for it. Whether it was a burnt coffee, a soggy burger, or a burrito with nowhere near enough guac, when we fork out the money and it sucks, that sucks. So, how would you feel about a pay-what-you-wish resto? Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?
Well, it’s no new concept, but it is gathering steam. London restaurant Tanner & Co. ran a pay-what-you-wish promo earlier this year, along with a handful of other eateries, scoring not only publicity, but extra punters through the door, too. Likewise, U.S. chain Panera Bread Café runs the same concept and apparently, sales are strong. It reports 60% pay full price, 20% cough up more, and only 20% pay less or zilch, proving the honor system is still effective. Still, we have some qualms about whether or not this is a truly justifiable concept. Or even a consistently lucrative business model? Ask yourself, putting your money where your mouth is, would you sidle over or under the mark? And should someone in the kitchen suffer equally for the mistakes of someone ont the wait staff? Or vice versa? (The Guardian)

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