10 Awesome Photos From Outside The Supreme Court Today

You might have noticed there's something in the water today — everyone's wearing red, Facebook is full of pictures of an equals sign, and #scotus is trending. That's because, obviously, the Supreme Court heard a groundbreaking case regarding the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, a potentially watershed moment in American history. Though early analysis of oral arguments suggest that Proposition 8 will be neither upheld nor struck down by the court, the fact that it made it this far is, we like to think, a sign of things to change on the legal front.
To that end, tons of supporters gathered outside the Supreme Court today in D.C. to show their love, and obviously, it was splashed all over Instagram! We're not complaining, because these photos are enough to keep our spirits way up. Check it out, then head to the mirror to see the big smile on your face.

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