Apple? Microsoft? See Which Jobs Are The Most Coveted

What's the greatest job on earth? Is the best gig at an established multinational or at (ahem) a hip online start-up? The guessing game is over thanks to a new set of rankings released by LinkedIn.
The be-all and end-all of résumé sites used data from over 175 million of its users and thousands of surveys to determine which companies were most sought after by job seekers. Guess who tops the list...drumroll...Google, followed by Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. And R29. Just kidding, but seriously, rude of you not to pick us.
It's no surprise to see companies in the IT and tech sectors top the list, but Nike and Burberry also appear in the top 30. Most companies that made the cut are located in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco. And here’s another interesting insight: Bigger companies do not necessarily attract the most job seekers. Half of the companies in the top 100 have fewer than 7,000 employees.
Did your current or potential employer make the cut? Take a gander on LinkedIn’s site. This might be a good time to update your résumé and, you know, give that random high-school acquaintance who ended up a Google exec a call. (LinkedIn)

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