How Cheap Is Your City, Judging By Its Daily Deal Purchases?

Daily deal websites are dangerous. You start off buying a great discount for dinner, and you end up with a year's supply of hummus and a trip to Niagara Falls for a family of six. Though Groupon, Google Offers, and Living Social can be scarily tempting, they do say quite a bit about what a consumer hunts for, splurges on, and is willing to risk.
To promote the new shopping app Slice, which aims to organize your daily deals for you in some non-hair-pulling way, the shopping service peeked in to what each city purchases — and its findings are hilariously, interestingly stereotypical. Apparently, the best-selling deal for Google Offers was the $5 for $10 at Starbucks. This makes sense, considering that all of America can enjoy a little coffee, and, well, there's a Starbucks every where you turn. And, what do you know, each city pretty much fulfilled its stereotype: New York City, that materialist mecca, reportedly bought the most deals for luxury items or jewelry. All those college students in Boston bought pizza deals. L.A. saved on tickets to Grauman's Chinese Theatre. And, Motor City Detroit bought Goodyear deals.
The most "Deal-Crazy" cities, of course, include tech-savvy San Francisco and Seattle. It's not really surprising that the constantly online politicians and journalists of D.C. may want to find a reprieve in that month-long kickboxing class deal. Similarly, those gray Seattle days are conducive to long hours of surfing the web in a clammy coffeehouse — in search of more deals on coffee, of course.
Slice deals infographic
Photo: Slice/Misho Ishikawa

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