11 Weeks Of Free Dance Lessons—SummerDance Festival Starts Today!

We’ve never needed a reason to dance shamelessly in public, but it can get boring when we’re doing it alone. Thankfully, our favorite summer dance party is finally back. The 15th annual Chicago SummerDance Festival kicks off at the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park today, bringing with it the most diverse music and dance classes to-date. For those not hip to the public park dance scene, Chicago SummerDance is an 11-week series of free, one-hour dance lessons (yes, you heard us, free), taught by professional instructors who are ready to teach you everything from swing to Bollywood to polka dancing. And if that wasn't enough, SummerDance boasts two full hours of live music and dancing to allow you to show off your new grooves. This year, Chicago SummerDance is unveiling a 4,900-square-foot dance-floor that doubles as public art, made from 100% recycled materials. The Art Institute might not let you dance all over their masterpieces, but internationally known artist and fellow Chicagoan Dan Peterman encourages two-steppers to stomp all over his work now until September 18. Let’s recap: A free, open-air dance party for you and a couple hundred of your Chicago compadres—let's dance.

Chicago SummerDance Festival, 601 South Michigan Avenue; 312-742-4007.

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