I Swapped Winter Makeup Routines With My Sister — & Learned A Lot

edited by Laura Conte; appearance by Leanne Chan; produced by Meghal Janardan; appearance by Mi-Anne Chan.
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This morning, a bird pooped on my head. And do you want to know the very first thing I did? I texted my sister – who lives approximately 3,000 miles away. Even though we're now on opposite sides of the country, we keep each other updated on every single part of our lives — even the most trivial (and disgusting). It's been that way since we shared rooms as kids, and now we share everything else: We watch the same shows, steal from each other's closets, eat the same food, and even read the same books. But there is one thing we have never agreed on: makeup.
On any given day, I have at least nine makeup products on my face. My sister? She starts complaining after her fifth. While our makeup tastes might be similar — bright and funky — we have completely different approaches to getting there. (Mine involves a lot of powder, she calls on concealer and not much else.) That's why we decided to swap routines for three days during her most recent trip to NYC to see how it would go. In the video above, watch me pare it down and my sister amp it up, while learning a lot about ourselves and each other in the process.

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