Your Horoscope This Week: 26th June to 2nd July, 2022

The end of June is almost upon us and, like Cancerians everywhere, it knows how to bring the drama. We begin the week with a sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Chiron in Aries on the 27th. A helpful aspect, this sextile facilitates difficult conversations born of trauma and invested in building new trust. Perhaps we may see these conversations in regards to current gun laws in the U.S., abortion rights roll back, and anti-trans violence. While these conversations may certainly prove fruitful, they will certainly not be easy. 
This sentiment is echoed by the sextile that Mars in Aries makes to Saturn in Aquarius on the same day. It’s a good thing that reflective (and retrograde) Saturn knows how to turn a tense moment into a generative one, especially with Mars in her corner. Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde the next day, ushering in a period of revision, as in going back to the vision board, and also as in perceiving what was not readily perceptible. This work is ongoing and definitely sets the scene for our new moon in Cancer on the 28th, a lunation that isn’t pulling any punches. The new moon (and the Sun) makes a square to Jupiter in Aries, inviting us to recognise when and how our egos get in our own way. Far from a body in search of relief, the new moon is a catalyst that knows insecure people rarely make secure designs. If you have found yourself out to sea, the new moon’s darkness allows you to see the lighthouse beams that will guide you back to safe water and sustaining shores. 
The trine that Venus in Gemini makes to Jupiter in Aries deepens this offering, reminding you that experience, in and of itself, is a resource even if success has yet to appear on the horizon. When Mars in Aries makes a tense square to Pluto in Capricorn on 1st July, we are more than ready to take on the old guard and to remind the powers that be of the lifespan of laws — that all things created by humans have an expiration date. The message (and others like it) rings loud and clear as Mercury in Gemini makes a trine to Saturn on the 2nd, the same day they make a square to Neptune. Mind who rushes to catch and reattach the veils moments before they fall away.

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