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The last few days of 2018 will hold plenty of surprises for us as action planet Mars moves into Aries on Monday evening. We may be collectively feeling sombre when we wake up in the new year. Saturn, the overseer of the zodiac, conjoins with the sun on Tuesday. They will work together to help us create healthy boundaries this week. While we’re setting limits and reflecting on the year ahead, our emotional radars may be on edge when the Moon wanes in Scorpio from Monday until Tuesday evening. And on Friday, Mercury, the planet of communication, trines with Uranus. Now that it's 2019, we'll be ready to discuss how we want to transform ourselves and the world. Change arrives in the form of a solar eclipse on Saturday, combined with a new moon in Capricorn. The eclipse will wipe away what we no longer need, while the new moon will offer our new ideas a space to grow.
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