More Self-Confidence In The Swimsuit: Suzie, Julia & Sandra Reveal Their tricks

That holiday feeling can be found in many places: on the beach in the Maldives, in sun splattered bathing lakes or under palm trees on tropical islands. We got the summer feels with friends Suzie Grime, Julia Dalia and Sandra Bulldock, who got together to celebrate beautiful retro swimwear for the summer.

Women should not be put under pressure and should be aware of their merits.

Julia Dalia
On the beach, Julia especially loves 70s-inspired looks that she combines with extravagant colours.
What do you look for when you shop for new swimwear?
I think it's very important that you feel comfortable in the bathing suit or bikini.
How do you stay true to your look at the lake?
Over time, I gotten a sense of what pieces, cuts, and colours suit me. Choosing is easier for me when I shop now. Here and there, I'll customise my look with some personal accessories.

Self-confidence is sexy!

Sandra Bulldock
Foto: Katja Hentschel
Why do you love retro-swimwear?
Retro usually conveys a sense of harmony and security. The world has become fast and unmanageable. The greater the uncertainty, the more people orient themselves towards familiar things. At some point, as an adult, people are drawn towards brands from their childhood, and fashion and swimwear are no exception.
Do you have a trick for feeling self-confident?
If you do not feel comfortable in swimwear, this usually has more to do with how you feel about your body than the bikini or bathing suit itself. That is why I would advise women not to pressure themselves.
Sandra Bulldock has Vietnamese roots, lives in Berlin and is particularly focused on sustainable brands.
What do you like about the swimwear looks? It is not primarily about being sexy, but rather about a look that suits me. Thanks to you, I've discovered high-waisted pants suit me best.

The retro trend fits the body-positivity movement. When Marilyn Monroe was celebrated as a sex symbol, size zero was not yet an issue.

Suzie Grime
Foto: Katja Hentschel
Foto: Katja Hentschel
Why do you like vintage designs?
Retro is always a hot topic anyway, which is of course also applicable to swimwear. Vintage looks have, in my opinion, something pleasantly indispensable and convey a certain ease in our fast-moving society.
How do you bring your personal style to the swimming pool?
With accessories like caps and sunglasses, which I use to switch up my look.
What is the best way to feel good in swimwear?
Try to treat your body as best as you can. Acceptance is possible if you do not complain continuously about your body, but instead stand for it or do something for it. Of course, this self-esteem can not be built up overnight - I myself am still in the middle of my 'acceptance phase'.
I had never thought I would ever do a swimwear shoot - but I see today as a positive move forward. It is no longer a matter of meeting the typical model stereotype, but rather, being special and having character to my body. Many thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier for this movement! Ultimately, self-confidence is something that comes from within and not from the outside.
Suzie Grime can not be overlooked. In the Tropical Islands she impresses with her cool tattoos, her extraordinary collection of vintage glasses and her strong attitude.
Why do you love your look at our shoot?
I did not think I'd like a red bathing suit. When I tried it on, I felt a nostalgic Baywatch feeling - I'll probably wear it all summer long.
How do you manage to stay true to your style?
For example, I would combine a bikini top with a set of different bottoms and add some accessories.
Why has the retro style in swimwear become fashionable again?
I imagine it has to do with the body-positivity movement. Marilyn Monroe immediately comes into my head. At that time women with natural curves were celebrated. There was neither Photoshop nor plastic surgery, or this extremely distorted Size Zero beauty ideal.
What is your styling tip for bold swimwear?
If you do not want to be completely naked, you can combine a short pair of bottoms with a bikini top, and finish it off with a transparent blouse or tunic. You could can find out what your body type you are to find one that fits your shape perfectly. Also, compliment your complexion with the colour of your bikini, some colours look better than others.

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