These Dance Videos Will Make You Question Your Life Choices

I'm thinking of giving up on my current life and dedicating myself entirely to learning the Trini Dem Girls dance by Tricia Miranda. You may feel similarly in two minute’s time.
Tricia Miranda has choreographed for Beyoncé and Missy Elliott. That’s all the credentials we needed, but there are plenty more. It’s also mindset-altering because I for one never considered that anything spontaneously perfect Beyoncé did had been choreographed. Now I learn that Tricia Miranda thought up those moves and taught them to Beyoncé and I’m filled with admiration for this woman. Is she the true Beyoncé?
Miranda takes a behind the scenes role in the videos on her Youtube channel, providing tutorials but leaving it mostly to her young protégés to perform the dances and rack up the hits. The videos feature dancers of all ages (the youngest appears to be an under 8). They perform Miranda’s choreographed sequences in small groups in a big dance studio, watching each other and practising steps in their minds before their turn in the spotlight. Oh to be in that inner circle and know what to do.
I’ve spent the better part of a year blowing my mind on these videos and wondering if it’s too late to give up everything I’ve ever worked for, move to LA and try with all my might to dance even relatively like this. Without further hype, here’s five of the best Tricia Miranda Choreography dance videos to marvel at.

This article was first published 27th December 2015

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