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Twins, Not Sisters: Nail Your Eyeliner With TikTok’s Nifty Trick

Image via: Haileybuix/TikTok.
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Getting your eyeliner wings even is tough work. After painstakingly perfecting one eye, the other eye never seems to live up to its twin's glory. There's also always one side that turns out better (for me, that's my right eye).
Thanks to shows like Euphoria and the creative juices flowing from the TikTok beauty community, experimentation and 'dopamine glam' are being encouraged — just take a look at TikTok's 'before shower eyeliner' conversation that sees users playing around with fun liner looks before washing them off in the shower.
While regular, ol' liner wings are still on high rotation, we're embracing the weird and wonderful eyeliner looks that are dominating our social media feeds. But before you get stuck into trying out extravagant eye looks, pocket this handy beauty hack.

How do I make my graphic eyeliner symmetrical?

TikTok user and beauty lover @michellekdoria came up with a genius hack for replicating graphic liner looks. The hack creates an imprint of your eyeliner, which can be then copied onto your other eye.
"The smartest hack i've ever seen," reads one comment. "Omg you saved my life," reads another. (Some users have pointed out that the hack might not for them because of their asymmetrical eyes. A workaround could be creating separate imprints for both your eyes to make eyelining less time-consuming for future you.)

What makeup products do I need for the hack?

Apart from your trustee eyeliner of choice (both liquid and pencil work well), you'll need a couple of extra handy products. Grab a liquid concealer, a thin makeup brush and a thin, malleable plastic sheet (like this).

How does the trick work?

The first step is to draw your desired eyeliner shape using a thin makeup brush dabbed in concealer. Once you're happy with it, grab your thin sheet of plastic. Carefully press it on top of your concealer eyeliner, where it will transfer. Don't worry if the concealer becomes a bit smudged or faded; for the next step, you'll repaint over the eyeliner strokes with concealer before pressing the plastic sheet onto your other eyelid.
Once you've got your concealer outline down pat, you take your eyeliner of choice and draw over it. Here, the concealer doesn't only act as a guide, but as a primer. And voilà! You should have two perfectly symmetrical lined eyes.
@hayleybuix Eyeliner hack if you struggle to get them even! #eyeliner #eyelinerhacks #makeuphacks #fyp ib @michellekdoria ♬ original sound - <3

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