Thousands Join March For Europe In London

A protest march opposing the UK's vote for Brexit has attracted a huge turnout in central London today. A week after a narrow majority of 52% voted to leave the EU, the nation's population remains staunchly divided. Many Remain campaigners have refused to accept that the government will actually trigger Article 50, the formal mechanism by which a country leaves the EU.

The Guardian
estimates that "tens of thousands" have joined today's March for Europe, organised on Facebook, which began at 11am and is following a route from Park Lane to Parliament Square.
Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, is among those taking part. "It's OUR future. We want to stay together in Europe! At the March for Britain in Europe!" he tweeted from the pavement. Many marchers are carrying pro-EU placards and Reuters reports that popular songs by Whitney Houston and Rick Astley have been turned into the pro-EU anthems, "I Will Always Love EU" and "Never Gonna Give EU Up."


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According to The Guardian, speeches are now taking place in Parliament Square. Sir Bob Geldof, who had been a vocal Remain campaigner, has told the crowd he feels "bereft" at the referendum result, while David Lammy MP, another Remain supporter, taunted prominent members of the Leave campaign by saying, "Look at this, Nigel Farage! Look at this, Boris Johnson! Look at this, Michael Gove!" Meanwhile, Billie JD Porter has read from her recent article for Refinery 29, telling the crowd, "We must ask ourselves how we can begin to address or at least investigate the issue of youth disengagement." According to a YouGov poll, 75% of voters aged between 18 and 24 put a cross in the Remain box on the 23rd of June. Read her full article, "Young People Have Lost Their Faith In Politics," here.

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