This Is How Much It Costs To Be A Blonde In Texas

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Today: a Dallas real estate agent breaks down the yearly cost of maintaining her signature blonde hair.
Name: Brittany
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Age: 26
Location: Dallas, TX
Salary: £128,518, which goes toward travel, saving, and shopping. My husband's salary pays the rent and bills.
Rent: £2,130
My natural hair colour is dirty blonde, but I've been dyeing it honey platinum for the last 15 years, since about sixth grade. I absolutely think there's more pressure to be blonde in Texas. Brunettes feel like a minority here, in Dallas especially. What comes to mind when you think Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader? BLONDE. We also have the image of Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes and big blonde hair to try to live up to, so that's a lot of pressure.
I think my hair colour works in my favour in terms of my career because I feel blondes come off as more personable and bubbly. Blondes stand out when they walk into a room and they're eye-catching in pictures — and who doesn't want to be effortlessly noticed? That, and the reputation that we have more fun, makes the maintenance worth every cent.
Color + Cut:
I get my hair touched up with partial highlights (£220 + £37 tip) and trimmed (£62 + £15 tip) every six to eight weeks. The trim is a must! Every third appointment, I get full highlights (£294 + £37 tip). I recently switched to this crazy expensive hair salon — it's probably double what others cost in the area — but they always get it right.
Total: ~ £2,486 a year
Brow Tint:
My brows are so naturally blonde. I used to get them dyed once a month, but the colour faded so quickly, so now I just buy the Wella developer and colour at Sally's Beauty Supply for £18 every two months or so and do it at home, which is much cheaper than going to the salon.
Total: $150/year
I'm pretty good about doing blowouts myself, but I usually get one at the salon every six weeks, especially if I'm taking a headshot or meeting an important client. I also get a blowout before a trip because it will last me five days after and I don't like to wash my hair that often. £26+£11
Total: £316/year
Other Professional Styling:
I am obsessed with braids, but can't braid at all, so once a month or so I'll walk to the salon by my place and pay for a cool one (French, Dutch, waterfall, whatever I'm feeling). £18 + £4 tip
Total: £264/year
I try to use all organic products. I use DermOrganic shampoo and conditioner, and the brand's Argan and olive oil hair mask treatments on the reg and replace them every two months. I buy them on Amazon for about £44. And I can't live without dry shampoo: DryBar Detox is the shit — I definitely buy that every month (£18).
I swear by collagen and go through at least one tub of the powdered stuff a month. £22
Total: £740/year
Special Occasion:
I bought clip-in extensions for my wedding this past year because I wanted more volume and length for this crystallised headpiece I wore instead of a veil. It's your wedding — you have to be more extra than usual. £220
Total: £220
Yearly Total: £4,137
*Figures have been changed from dollars to pounds
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