This Is The Most Extra Sunscreen You've Ever Seen

There's a part of my nature I've been fighting my whole life: I like tacky things — and not in an ironic way. Flamingo wallpaper, Playboy bunny necklaces, water beds, birthday cake body wash, plastic stripper platforms, tiki bars in the basements of suburban homes... these all appeal to me on a deep level.
It'd be too easy to slip up, so I try my best to play it safe. My clothes are neutral. My sheets are white. My signature lipstick is lip balm. Sometimes, though, a sparkly, rainbow delight falls through the cracks and fills me with so much joy, I consider throwing in the (boring, white, monogrammed) towel on my so-called tasteful life. This is one of those times.
Sunshine & Glitter is a brand out of Miami (no surprise there) that makes highly glittery body lotion, sunscreen, lip gloss, and — get this — bug repellent! Don't you almost want to plan a camping trip with a bunch of serious Patagonia-type hikers just so you can show up covered head-to-toe in glitter bug repellent? I do.
Ahead, find everything you need for your most extra festival/beach day/outdoor drag conference ever.

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