How To Cure Your Dry Eyes

Photo: Rochelle Brock
Despite being the granddaughter of an optometrist, I have only had one single eye test this millennium. Which isn't great.
Eye health, for most of us, is not at the forefront of our minds. Unless you have glasses, or contacts, it's likely you've kind of forgotten about it altogether. In fact, even if you've got contacts or glasses, there's a fair chance you might have forgotten about it too. In fact, according to new data from the NHS, it's reckoned 14% of us haven't had a check-up in the last five years and at least a third of us are overdue.
Despite that, plenty of people complain about having eye problems; how often does your co-worker moan about how dry and tired and sore her eyes are? And how often do you see someone squint at their screen and go "Oh gawd I'm getting old, I need glasses"?
So yeah, probably book an eye appointment but also perhaps it's time we learned a little about eye health. We decided (for our good and yours) to speak to an optometrist to find out about one of the most common problems people experience: dry eyes. Click through to find out what to do about them, and when you need to be worried.

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