What Happens When You Get 10 Hours Of Sleep A Night

The recommended amount of sleep per night is seven to eight hours. But do you actually get that much? Most of us sacrifice sleep in favour of work and social lives — and many of us have spent quite a few days running on four hours or less. And guess what? It's starting to show. As we get older, that spring in our step is harder to retain without sleep. Remember 19-year-old you, who could stay up all night writing papers? That sounds like torture now. And impossible — without a much-needed midday nap to catch up, that is. Watch as Lucie sets her alarm clock forward and learns about the importance of catching all those ZZZs. (Ed. note: Not exactly a spoiler, but good to note that doctors don't necessarily recommend sleeping 10 hours per night. Turns out, there can be too much of a good thing.)

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