Where Skincare Meets Self-Care: Two Skinfluencers Share Their Journeys

If makeup is a statement, skincare is all about the narrative. Okay, the theory needs work but there’s something in it, right? Because skincare is way more than just the products we use. It’s a form of self-care, a ritualistic act and a time for headspace.
Whether it’s positive, frustrating or a bit of a rollercoaster, the relationship we have with our skin – the thing that’s been with us through everything (literally and figuratively) – is unique to each of us.
So to celebrate these diverse skin stories, we spoke to two influencers (or 'skinfluencers', if you will) about the journey they’ve been on to feel comfortable in their skin, and the part a skincare routine has played in it.
Roxie Nafousi has been on a genuinely inspiring journey with her skin. She went from removing her makeup with hand soap (yep, really) and subsequently experiencing breakouts, to finally developing an impeccable skincare routine and transforming her mindset through both yoga and self-discovery. For Roxie, the catalyst for change was heartbreak. She talks us through the journey in this video, in which we hear the love letter she wrote to her skin, as well as her meditative morning rituals.
For Emma Hoareau of Lolita Says So, her story began after she moved to London, something which changed her life considerably. Now, after battling the effects of city-living, acne scars and flare-ups, her glowing complexion is testament to a solid skincare regime and a whole lot of self-care. Find out more in this video, where she shares her feelings about her skin through a personal love letter and takes us through her nighttime routine.
Shout out to our skin – it’s got us this far, and it will take us so much further.
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