9 Women On Why They Shaved Their Heads

There was a time when a shaved head was a skinhead, and a time when it stood for being gender-queer. But while in some instances, those ties remain, a woman with a buzzcut is a lot more common nowadays. Maybe it’s because I live in a creative city but, right now, I must know a dozen women with a shaved head.
When I asked these women why they did it, their reasons ranged from a moment of clarity, to a life-changing event, to a desire to take back control. Most said they found it empowering, or like wiping the slate clean. Sadly, some also said it lead to stereotyping, feeling invisible, or receiving homophobic abuse.
Ahead, we hear the stories behind the haircuts and how it made their wearers feel. If you’re considering a number 1, 2 or 3, this could provide you with some valuable insight.

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