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5 Days, 5 Hair Looks — & Only One Styling Tool

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a multipurpose product. While our makeup bags are proof of that, our hair routines have been a little slow on the uptake — until the Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer dropped and changed the game. 
The Swiss army knife of your hair routine, the Shark FlexStyle can be used in five different ways (not counting the fact that it’s also a powerful hairdryer), switching from a dryer to a styling tool with a simple twist and click. Whether you’re after face-framing curls, a voluminous finish or a sleek, straight style, this tool makes light work of it — quite literally, thanks to its lightweight design. As for heat damage? We don’t know her. The FlexStyle measures heat 1,000 times per second to ensure temperatures are kept consistent, minimising any damage.
It’s easy to stick to what we know when it comes to hairstyles but the Shark FlexStyle invites playfulness and a little experimentation. With June finally here, so too are weekends packed with weddings, park picnics, festivals and last-minute balcony BBQs. If there's a time to try a new hairstyle, it’s now.
Earlier this year we trialled the Shark FlexStyle on three different hair types and now we’re upping the ante to demonstrate everything it can do. We challenged content creator Shanae Hamilton to create five different hairstyles over five days, putting the Shark FlexStyle’s nimble capabilities to the test and providing us with some much-needed hair inspo. Here’s how she got on…
Day 1: The Ultimate Blowdry
Usually a tough task out of the salon, the Shark FlexStyle makes recreating the classic blowdry pretty much effortless. Aiming for a sleek look, first Shanae used the paddle brush attachment to stretch out and straighten her curls while drying them. Once finished, it was time to add some bounce using the oval brush. "The brush felt really gentle on my hair," she commented. "It gave my hair so much volume while staying sleek and smooth." That’ll be the gentle boar and nylon bristles, specially designed to minimise frizz with just the right amount of tension. "This is the kind of look I’d create for an occasion like a birthday. It’s so versatile, I’d wear whatever I felt like on the day!"
Day 2: Bouncy Curls
Using the day one blowdry as her base, Shanae sectioned off her hair and used the auto-wrap attachment to create curls all over. "I love creating big, bouncy curls to give strong '90s vibes," she told us. "Paired with an oversized white shirt, this is my look of choice if I’m heading for a fun day out with my friends." 
Curls usually mean fiddly tongs and unfortunate burns. No more. The auto-wrap uses air power to automatically wrap hair around the barrel, curling and setting with ease. Shanae’s advice is exactly that: "Let the curlers do the work!" Finish with the cool shot setting to help stop them dropping.
Day 3: Half Up, Half Down
Perfect for when a ponytail isn’t going to cut it but you don’t want to wear your hair completely down. "If I was heading out for brunch, this would be my go-to! It just feels like you’ve made that extra bit of effort," says Shanae. 
Starting with day two’s curled look, Shanae isolated two pieces of hair at the front before sectioning off a small ponytail at the top. Using the auto-wrap attachment, she curled the pieces at the front to add definition. "It’s always tricky to get the curls symmetrical," she commented. "But the left and right curl attachments made it super easy to get the perfect face-framing waves." Try adding curls to the ponytail, too, for extra volume and definition.
Day 4: Naturally Curly
"For look four, I really wanted to embrace my natural 3B/3C curls," Shanae told us. Starting with wet hair, Shanae used the diffuser attachment to dry her curls and add volume, picking her perfect heat and airflow from the three options. "I love that I could choose the best one for my hair type and needs. I went with a medium heat and airflow, which dried my hair really quickly, giving it plenty of volume but minimal frizz." The FlexStyle’s speedy 1400kw drying power means no one has to labour over a hairstyle.
To get the most out of the diffuser, Shanae recommends turning the dial on the attachment to extend the prongs. "This way it’ll reach your roots easier and create more volume." Topped off with a red lip and black crop top, Shanae described this as her ideal party look.
Day 5: Ponytail with a Twist
Time to zhuzh up the humble ponytail. "I wanted to combine my natural hair with some heat-styled elements," Shanae explained. Having already used the diffuser, she sectioned off two pieces of hair at the front and secured the rest into a mid-height ponytail. "Next I used the oval brush attachment to straighten out the two pieces, then curled them around it for a bouncy wave," she told us. Before going in with the oval brush, Shanae recommends wetting the pieces of hair with water and a heat protectant. "They’ll end up smoother and more defined, adding to the contrast of the look and the 'money piece' style." Complete the look with a cute top and jeans, and you’re ready for a Saturday night meal out.
Voilà: five hairstyles created using one tool. Shanae’s final thoughts? "Honestly, my favourite thing is how easy it was to use. Twisting the attachments into place was so simple," she told us. "I was particularly impressed with how easy the auto-wrap curlers were to use and how quickly the diffuser attachment dried my naturally curly hair." 
Whether you’re someone who styles their hair every day or simply want to start experimenting more with minimal faff, the Shark FlexStyle should be top of your list. We’re sold.

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