19 Movies With Major Sex-Hair

The sex we see in movies isn't always all that realistic. But there is one particular trait these steamy scenes share that has always bugged us: the sex hair. It's totally unrealistic, right? Anyone who's ever looked at themselves post-coitus can attest that their strands never look as artfully rumpled as they do in the movies. No, no — typically the better the sex, the more it looks like we spent an hour in a skydiving simulator.
Even so, we can't help but marvel over the artistry that is cinema sex-hair. Whether it's pre- or post-romp, the guys and gals who get down on film always seem to give us #hairgoals. So, to show our appreciation, we've rounded up 19 movies that have A+ hookup-hair. We may never achieve it in real life, but dammit we'll have fun trying.

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