Why You Really Need A Serum

Never has a skincare category created so much confusion as the serum. But equally, and perhaps not inconsequentially, never has a skincare category garnered such a dedicated fanbase so quickly. Isn’t it about time you got your head around it?
Simply put, serum has the potential to be the most powerful step in your skincare routine. Being lightweight and usually water-based, serum sinks right into your skin. Moisturiser, however, which is packed with bulky ingredients such as emollients and sunscreen, does not (and you wouldn’t want it to – as moisturiser is designed to sit on the surface and protect from the outside elements).
If you’re looking for something to effect real change, whether that’s brightening, hydrating or fighting line formation, serum is where the magic happens. And when to use it? Remember the water-based bit and think: oil floats on water, so moisturisers and facial oils sit directly on top of serum – anything else in your arsenal (toners, exfoliating lotions etc) goes underneath. Got it? Now all you have to do is pick which one…

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