6 Women Put Rihanna's Lingerie Line To The Test

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In case you somehow missed it, Rihanna is taking over the world one industry at a time — in the best way possible. You already know all about Fenty Beauty and it’s inclusive and expansive product range. Now, RiRi is once again claiming the fashion space, making the same magic happen for our undergarments. Enter: Savage x Fenty, a new lingerie line that isn’t just any lingerie line. Because Rihanna.
Like her beauty label, Savage x Fenty has a range of people in mind. It includes bras sized 32A through 44DD and underwear sized XS to XXXL. Plus, out of its four capsule lines, one includes a selection of bras and underwear in every shade of nude (yes, nude looks like something different to everyone) at affordable prices. While it’s no longer news that different bodies have different needs, finding a lingerie line that sets out to meet each and every one absolutely is.
Sadly, finding undergarments that actually can do it all isn’t so easy. We want our bras to lift and support. We want our underwear to be functional and mildly invisible. We want to be comfortable head to toe. And yes, we want to look good (and no, that shouldn't be too much to seek out). So we ask: Is Savage x Fenty our saving lingerie grace?
To find out, we put the pieces to the ultimate wearability test in the video above. Think: six women, 24 hours, living, breathing, dining, dating, and rendezvous-ing in Savage’s bras and undies. Take a peek to see the pieces in a full day of action — these ladies are dishing their honest thoughts, personal preferences, true reactions, and, of course, whether or not this lingerie leaves them feeling savage from head to toe. After all, lingerie is all about you — and helping you love the skin you’re already in.

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