You Won’t Believe The Hair-Removal Horror Stories We Found On Reddit

Photo: Getty Images.
There’s more than one way to skin a cat — and the same can be said for ridding the body of unwanted hair. Nowhere is this truth more evident than on Reddit, where users unabashedly share their best and worst attempts at grooming brows, shaving legs, and landscaping one’s nether regions, among other removal methods.
Of course, with Reddit being the vastly open and varied community that it is, creative options abound — including those that use sandpaper, crystals, and double-sided tape. Do such measures really work? And what about suffering first-degree burns from a depilatory cream — isn't that just urban legend?
We gathered the most shocking, questionable, and relatable body-hair removal testimonials from within Reddit communities and ran them by top dermatologists. Our experts then prescribed top tips for ailing skin after a hair removal gone awry and how to game the system of getting smooth — the right way. Think of the next few slides as the ultimate lesson in everything you've wanted to know about removing body hair, but were afraid to ask. And get ready to marvel at both humankind’s ingenuity — and the body’s incredible ability to heal — ahead.

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