The Most Ridiculous Myths About Periods

If you're thinking about getting your period, you may want to think again. There's a possibility that you'll kill people with your stare, or heal people with your sanitary pad. You might start murdering plants and animals, or be followed by creatures who will attack you. The world of period myths is big and bizarre, with plenty of room for totally contradictory beliefs about what actually happens during menstruation.
Different cultures all over the world have both feared and revered periods, with many women coming up with ingenious ways to deal with their time of the month. Unfortunately, until fairly recently, menstruation has been extremely misunderstood, which has, in turn, led to some truly weird, and definitely not wonderful, ideas. We've collected the strangest myths surrounding menstruation we could find, all of which have been proved to be totally untrue.
Click through to read the most ridiculous myths about menstruation. Period.

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