Crocs, Leather Trousers & Speedos: The Most Reviled Items Of Clothing In Britain

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Out of a list of 25 pieces of attire, speedos are the one item of apparel that British men and women dislike most. That is according to a new YouGov survey of 3277 British adults.
The survey found that with over two thirds (69%) of all those asked were not fans of budgie-smugglers, with women more likely than men to dislike them.
Also topping of the most reviled items of clothing were leather trousers (a favourite of PM Theresa May who once wore a very pricey pair for a photoshoot), Crocs and flares. Uggs, tracksuits and berets were also unpopular fashion choices amongst the men and women who were asked their opinion.
Jumpsuits, the nemesis of everyone in a queue for the loos at a festival, were the item of clothing that most divided genders. Three in five (60%) men said they dislike them, while women are split down the middle on jumpsuits – 45% say they are fans of an all-in-one.
YouGov’s research also looked at attitudes towards fashion 'faux pas'. Double denim didn't do well, neither did the very tempting habit of nipping to the shops in your pjs, or sporting a VPL. And of course, the much-maligned socks and sandals combo came off badly. Top of the list was wearing trousers that are slung so low that you can see your underwear, which 88% of people were put off by.
The survey highlighted the difference in fashion tastes between the generations too, with hoodies proving unpopular with older respondents, but younger people more aesthetically offended by Crocs.
Personally, while those 3277 people are entitled to their views, I've always personally held the belief that there's no such thing as a fashion faux pas – wear what you want, when you want and wear it well. Even if that's a double denim, socks and sandals ensemble.

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