This Is What Happened When Two Guys Wore Makeup In Public For 3 Days

We always knew that our morning makeup routines were pretty baffling to most of the men in our lives. And, to be fair, if you'd used one, an eyebrow brush would look kind of intimidating at first. But after we tested our favourite spring braids on a group of luscious-haired dudes, we decided to put another batch of woke baes to the ultimate test. Leaving two intrepid men with a makeup bag full of our go-to products, we challenged them to put together their own beauty looks for three days — and to wear them out and about, of course. Check out the video below to see how these boundary-breaking boys did (no lie, we'll be copying that bold eyeliner technique).
Ultimately, this three-day challenge resonated as a lot more than just a lesson in matching your foundation to your skin tone (though no one's knocking that, either). Turns out, wearing makeup gave these men a small taste of what it feels like to be a woman in the world — and the vulnerability that so often comes with it. "The street harassment thing, that was an eye-opener for me," Kip reflects. "I've never felt unsafe on the street, but in that moment, it was like someone identified me as a person they could take advantage of, and I'm like 6'2 and somewhat built, so I've never felt that way before. I definitely empathise a lot more now."
Even though we're guessing the guys probably won't be tagging along on our next trip to Sephora, we're applauding their new understanding of the daily aggressions that women endure just for walking down the street. Can NARS products really teach empathy? We always suspected our makeup bags had superpowers...
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