We Tried These 3 Blogger-Favourite Beauty Hacks—Here's What It Looked Like

No lie: It can be pretty hard to resist the temptation of dropping serious cash in Sephora's pro tools section (we're looking at you, Artis makeup brushes). But if you're like us — and rarely have a spare £130 to blow — there's another solution. Some of our favourite beauty tools are probably already lying around your apartment, assuming you've got a spoon, a spare bottle cap, and dental floss. (Let's hope you at least have the last one.) Yep, these humble tools may not look super glamorous, but we're not arguing with their results. Check out the video below to see how to step up your mascara, cat eye, and eyeshadow techniques with just a few key product hacks.
We're particularly into the idea of using the handheld dental flosser as a guide when styling a signature liquid-lined cat eye — a process that even the most steady-handed beauty pros sometimes struggle with. Just paint the liner right onto the floss, and press it against your eye. Be sure to use plain floss; the minty or cinnamon flavoured ones can cause irritation. And only draw the liner on half the floss if you want a smaller flick.
Another great trick? Grabbing a spare bottle cap to help you with your cut crease. Be sure to flip it upside down to avoid tearing your skin, then gently press it against your eye and fill your shadow in around it. You can use a neutral colour for a smoky eye, or a brighter shade for a more modern look.
And if you always get mascara smears on your lids, try picking up a spoon. You can use it as a shield for messy formulas. Or, pop it in the fridge and use it to de-puff your undereyes.
What household beauty tools do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.

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