An Influencer’s Diary At London Fashion Week

Sustainability influencer, No More Plastic ambassador, and all-round sartorial star Doina Ciobanu on everything she saw, wore and ate at London Fashion Week day four.
Image Courtesy of Daniel P Dykes.
9am: I wake up so excited to watch the Burberry show. I’m trying not to do many shows this season as it doesn’t quite fit with the sustainability message I want to communicate, and the brand has supported me from the beginning. I’ve done London Fashion Week on and off for nine years, but Burberry was my first ever show when I was just 16 years old! London is definitely the edgiest of the fashion weeks, there’s a lot of underground influences, and it’s certainly the most environmentally aware. 
10am: I had a very late, unhealthy dinner last night so just water this morning until lunchtime. 
1pm: I’ll take a home-cooked meal over the fanciest restaurant any day. I rustle up some slightly baked broccoli with artichoke, asparagus and grilled wild salmon.
2pm: It’s time to get ready for the show! Doors open at 4pm, so I need to leave the house at roughly 3pm. It does not help that the location is all the way in White City and I’m in SW8 (the pain of cross-London travels). During busy periods, the best skincare advice I take is doing an ice massage in the morning to help circulation and make the skin less dull. For my makeup and hair I’ve decided to draw inspiration from the Burberry AW19 campaign. Irina Shayk is in it looking all sleek, with hair tied back and natural bronzed makeup. Luckily my hair has already got a load of product in it from the past two days so I decide not to wash it as I want a wet look. All that’s needed is some wet-effect gel to really achieve that sleek vibe.
Image Courtesy of Daniel P Dykes.
3pm: I’m ready to leave the house. Citymapper tells me public transport will be a pain as the show space is in the middle of nowhere, right under one of the main highways. Uber tells me it is going to take 50 minutes. Not bad – I mean, it is London after all, and I am going to the other side of the river and the city.
4.30pm: Okay I guess the Uber app ETA is one of the least reliable things. We’re still in the car and the traffic going into the road where the show is taking place is just stagnated.
4.32pm: My driver decides to make a clever move off the highway and pull back into the road we need. 
4.40pm: It actually worked!!! We’re already approaching the venue. I spot loads of security ahead. 
Image Courtesy of Daniel P Dykes.
4.50pm: I’ve checked in, done my photos and try to find some familiar faces inside, but the venue is very dark with what looks like a gigantic mirrored cube in the middle, so I can’t quite tell who’s who.
5pm: Interesting. It’s 5pm, kick-off time, but the rows are still half empty – surprising as Burberry is always on time because of its video livestream.
5.10pm: Wow, that filled up pretty fast. The show is about to start!
5.40pm: The show was beautiful, Kendall even went blonde for Riccardo! The set design and production were amazing, bravo Burberry!
6.30pm: I still haven’t found a car. There is a bit of a crowd here still, waiting for celebrities – we spot Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Gigi and Bella – and the yelling intensifies every time someone steps out of the VIP exit.
7.40pm: Finally in the car on my way home. I don’t really want to get out of this fierce Burberry suit, but my pyjamas and suitcase for Milan await!

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