The Prettiest Hair DIY Of Summer Is Here

We've long been fans of women who weave accessories into their hair. It's just the prettiest way to make an updo less boring. Yet, despite the easy-breezy end result of a hairstyle adorned with fabric, lace, or fancy string, we quickly find this style is not as simple as it looks whenever we try to do it ourselves. How do you get all that stuff to stay in? And, what do you do with your hair once you get it in there?
To help us crack the code, we called in hairstylist Adam Maclay, who rolled up to our studio with a veritable armload of summer-perfect materials to weave with. Turns out, there are a few secret tricks to mastering this look (like fastening a scarf to a bobby pin so it stays in your hair — genius!). And, once we mastered those techniques, a whole world of possibilities opened up.
Click through to see all the variations of styles you can create by weaving materials into your locks — and prepare to never leave your hair unadorned again.

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