Instagram’s New Playback Feature Lets You Share (& Edit) Your 2021 Highlights

Photo: Refinery29 UK
Are you ready to look back at your best – and maybe worst – photos of 2021? Instagram has launched a new feature called Playback that allows you to share highlights from the last year.
It's a bit like Spotify Wrapped, but with photos from your Instagram Story instead of your most played songs and podcasts. The feature made its debut on Thursday (9th December) and will only be available for "a few weeks", so expect to see it all over the 'gram this weekend.
"We all know the feeling: after another tough year, January 2021 seems light years ago," Instagram said as it launched the feature. "From the lockdown walks of February, to reuniting with friends in July, to your first trip away in September, this year has been one of both meaningful and mundane moments.
‘That’s why this year, Instagram is helping users reminisce over their 2021 memories – enter Playback, a brand-new end-of-year feature in IG Stories that will give people a chance to reflect on their year and the highlights they shared through Instagram Stories, as well as who they shared them with and everything they explored."
When you open Instagram, you should see a prompt for the Playback feature at the top of your feed. If you've already dismissed this message, you can still make a Playback by tapping on the 2021 sticker in anyone else's Story.
The Playback feature automatically picks five photos posted on your Story during the last year, but you can delete any of these and add others to make your package more curated. To remove one you don't like, hold on a Story and wait for the little bin icon to appear. To add a different one, simply tap the "+" icon and get selecting.
You can include up to 10 photos before sharing your 2021 Playback package with your followers. Happy curating!

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