Didn’t Sleep Last Night? This Should Help

About last night. How much did you get, what position did you do it in, and how was it for you? Sleep (or the rising lack of it) is becoming a national obsession, with late nights and early mornings squeezing us from both ends, and the lure of a 3 a.m. Instagram binge making it even less likely we’ll drift off again in the event of a late-night waking.
Thankfully, the beauty industry’s got this, with some of this year’s hottest launches aimed at helping us get more rest and maximising the hours of sleep we do manage to carve out for ourselves. The rest is common sense: no exercise right before shut-eye, keep melatonin-disrupting screens out of the bedroom (time to invest in an old school alarm clock), no long lie-ins at the weekend (ouch) and stick to a regular bedtime. But in the meantime, here's the fun stuff...

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