A Weary Girl’s Guide To Looking More Awake

Illustration by Anna Sudit
Feel like you’ve pulled an all-nighter even though you’ve had your eight hours? That’ll be the time of year. Despite the extra hours of sunshine making a welcome return, sleep experts agree that bringing time forward forces our own internal body clock to re-synch. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, leaving us feeling more tired while our bodies play catch up. Furthermore, as the pace of modern life accelerates, social jetlag means we’re constantly searching for new ways to feel energised with 79% of us revealing we hate feeling low on energy. While we can’t force your boss to give you an extra hour in bed, we can reveal all the nifty, new products and tricks that will leave you bright-eyed and bushy tailed.
Fine-tuning your shower regime can work wonders for your energy levels. Having the water hot and then stepping into the cool air quickly decreases your body temperature leaving you relaxed and sleepy. Yet switching from hot to cold every 30 seconds provides stimulation by opening up capillaries and increasing blood flow. It may sound torturous but hot and cold hydrotherapy has been used for hundreds of years because it works brilliantly. For an added boost try Frank Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub £12.95. While a morning cup of Arabica coffee doesn’t disperse enough caffeine to kick-start your skin, this body brightener harnesses the power of caffeine-rich robusta beans. Applied topically, it encourages blood flow and collagen production, supercharging skin in the same way an espresso enhances brain function. As a body booster, Sienna X Ambassador, James Harknett, believes a spray tan triggers the feel good factor, making you feel more alert. “My clients feel new and improved after a tan. Just like being on holiday, you have this healthy glow that we associate with being rested and happy. Teeth appear whiter, lips look pinker and hair colour stands out”.
Eyes are often the biggest giveaway so set your sights on the latest peeper protectors. Clinique’s Pep Start £22, combines caffeine, algae and seven peptides within a roller ball tube for even application. And if skin under your eyes is in a really dark place, keep a few Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes £48, in your freezer. The shock of the cold instantly refreshes while Ginkgo Biloba and bioflavonoids stimulate micro-circulation to sooth and de-puff bleary eyes. To rev up your skin’s radiance reach for high tech formulas. With 22% pure Vitamin C (the highest available) Indeed Labs Vitamin c24 £24.99, is a super stable formula that doesn’t oxidize once applied and therefore brilliant at brightening. Sisleya L’Intégral £285, includes three major new active ingredients that uphold the skin’s cellular ecosystem. They target rhythm, energy and longevity of a cell, which scientists now believe are more likely to be damaged by lack of sleep rather than genetics. Finally, for those who can’t go a week without a DIY sheetmask facial (and the subsequent scary selfie), check out Origins Maskimizer £18.50. It works a bit like Lucozade before a workout, enhancing the sheetmask’s performance by allowing for better penetration of the active ingredients.
For makeup that wakes you up, the latest cosmetics enhance the energy levels of the skin as well as its appearance. Tom Ford’s Complexion Enhancing Primer £54, bridges skincare and makeup with its Infusing Complex that illuminates skin's undertone, reversing dullness. If you’re lagging by 2pm, bounce back with Bobbi Brown’s new Nude Finish Illuminating Powder £39. It gives an enviable subtle radiance that doesn't cake or dry thanks to its moisture binding ingredients (sodium hyuloranate) and brightening ingredients (white grape and mulberry). Powerful pigments are proven to stimulate brain activity so you feel more engerised. Luckily the SS16 backstage beauty areas were saturated with colour. “There is such a new enthusiasm, especially for primary brights” reveals Gordon Espinet MAC Makeup Artist. The latest wave of sponge tip applicators reflect the trend and also have a playful kidult feeling to them like felt tip pens. From the bold shades of Lancôme’s Juicy Shakers to L’Oreal’s Matte Max Lip Pens, they are perennially simple to use making them a dream to apply before starting your dreary 7am commute. The transformative powers of a kick ass red lipstick also shouldn’t be overlooked. Think you can’t rock a red? Christian Louboutin begs to differ. The scarlet hue is famously at the crux of his philosophy and while he’s renowned for lacquering our soles with it, he’s now on a quest to do the same with our lips. “The lips represent the most expressive part of the face, so a red lip can speak volumes” he explains. Designed to suit all skintones and available in three textures, his Rouge Louboutin £60 guarantees to draw attention to your mouth, so people are more likely to listen when you're talking, essential for the boardroom.
Studies have shown that sniffing citrus is a mood enhancer thanks to it stimulating supremacy. “Citrus scents are the best tonic. Full of life, they often contain notes of grapefruit, lime, lemon and verbena which are energising” reveals Christophe Cervasel, Founder of Atelier Cologne. If you find citrus is too sweet then spritz with Jo Malone’s Earl Grey & Cucumber £42. “Cucumber is full of water and intensely refreshing so you feel instantly regenerated and detoxed, while the comforting note of tea is soothing and restorative” reveals Debbie Wild Jo Malone London Lifestyle Director. Equipped with these tips and tricks, get ready to rise and shine.