The Ultimate Guide To Styling Your Bangs

Of all the many hair trends that come and go, there’s one that we rely on to always be relevant. It's more enduring than the jaw-length bob, more classic than the swoop, and suitable for nearly every hair length. That’s right, we’re talking about bangs. While many of us here at R29 have had a fringe of some sort since we were five years old (literally), others are brand-new members of the Bangs Society. And, despite our various levels of fringe expertise, we were all wondering the same thing: What in the world can we do to change up our bangs?
You see, while we love our bangs dearly, they’re often overlooked when it comes to styling. Sometimes we just find ourselves itching to switch our part, to change the texture, even to cut them ourselves. So, we called up Shaun SureThing, lead stylist and co-owner of Seagull Salon, for some fresh, creative ways to play with our bangs. Seagull is known for creating some of the edgiest 'dos in town, so we knew he was just the person to take our fringes from basic to eye-catching.
Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about styling bangs of all kinds — and, if you don’t have bangs, we've even included how to fake them.
Hair styled by Shaun SureThing.

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