STOP Making Your Period Skin Worse

There's only one week out of the month that I dread even more than the one before rent is due — and that's PMS week (which can even extend into two-week territory, because life isn't fair, y'all).
Whether you're on birth control, which regulates your period symptoms, or not, things are going haywire inside your body. The sudden hormonal changes can take a serious toll on your face — one that your normal skin-care routine might not be able to solve. If you've ever found yourself struggling to control the pimples that seem to pop up overnight, consider doing an overhaul on your medicine cabinet and building a skin-care army specifically for the week of hell.
We tasked the experts with coming up with a plan of attack to keep our skin clear during this time of the month, because it's important to know what you really need before spraying, scrubbing, and spotting different ingredients all over your face. Click through to find out.
Do you dread period-related breakouts just as much as we do? Let us know in the comments, below, and tell us your favourite, tried-and-true PMS beauty warriors.

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