9 Ways To Show Off Your Game Of Thrones Obsession — With Your Nails

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
If you've spent several years' worth of Sunday nights parked in front of the TV watching Game of Thrones, at some point you're going to want something to show for that near-decade of dedication — whether that's making your apartment the go-to spot for watch parties or going the extra mile and finally getting that House Stark tattoo.
But if you're looking to pay homage to all those hour-long episodes you sat through with your heart in your throat hoping your favourite character wasn't about to meet their untimely end, in a way that doesn't involve permanent body art or decorating your house with (surprisingly expensive) sigils bought online, that's where nail art comes in.
You can subtly celebrate the iconic series with a simple design or go with a more obvious tribute — the possibilities are endless, and temporary, so you can shift allegiances to the winning team on a weekly basis if you see fit. We've rounded up some of the best designs or honouring GoT, for all the inspiration you need to show your fandom on your hands before, during, or even after someone has ultimately taken the Iron Throne.

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